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Dress code

  • In order to maintain a professional atmosphere necessary to teach and learn in a dance class, all students are expected to have appropriate dance attire, including shoes, at every class/rehearsal. They will be asked to sit and observe the class/rehearsal if they come unprepared.
    • Dance Attire:
    • Uniform Pre K – 4th grade: Pink ballet slippers, ballet tights (color classic pink), pink tank leotard, pink ballet skirt, black tap shoes (boot style, no shine, no buckles, no laces), dance bag. Optional: long sleeve leotard (for cold weather). For Spanish Dance black character shoes
    • Uniform 5th grade & up: Tank Leotard Lavender color. The rest is the same as above.
    • Uniform for Hip Hop & Jazz all grades and ages: Any color leotard, black jazz pants, black jazz shoes, black hip hop shoes, black capri pants (optional)
    • New Hope Youth Dance Company: Tank Lavender leotard, convertible tights (color classic pink), split sole pink ballet shoes, black hip hop & jazz shoes, black jazz pants, black capri pants (optional), warm-up suit, T-shirt


  • Present a positive attitude in classes, rehearsals and during performances
  • Show respect to other participants, teachers and choreographers
  • Attend all classes & rehearsals unless the teacher is notified of sickness or conflicts
  • Report to class/rehearsals/performances on-time
  • The NHYDC (Youth Dance Company) must be available for all performance opportunities (Notification of a conflict should be given to the NHYDC staff in advance of absence)
  • Take a minimum of 1 ballet class each week in addition to other styles of dance (required for dance company members)

Parents: Parental involvement is the key to success

  • Attend the parents’ info meeting (for dance company, NHYDC)
  • Transport your child to and from events/rehearsals (connect with another family if unable to do it)
  • Ensure that dancer reports to class/rehearsals on time (A show requires team work, a dancer missing affects all dancers)
  • Communicate effectively and timely any absences, conflicts, or other issues that may arise
  • Look for lost dance items in the dance dressing room lost & found box


  • We follow PGCPS for snow and emergency closing only. We do not follow the rest of their closing.
  • Make-up classes & withdraws from the program
  • There are no refunds for missed classes. Make-up classes must be done from the available schedule of classes.
  • Withdraw from the program must be notified on writing. A prorated refund will be given from the day of notification.


  • Dancers must wear the required color for tights during performances
  • To perform more than one dance style in the recital, students must attend more than one hour of class a week

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