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Effective dance practice

Mouth jumping feet – effective dance practice


For beginners, the way to dance is to practice good. Here, will introduce you to the jumping leg dance – how to dance effectively.


effective dance practice

Mouth count. Counting here means counting music, and counting music exactly as it counts. When you go to a dance class, the first thing you hear from the dance teacher is that they just count the music to the beat of the dance before teaching you the dance steps.

After all, when you’re dancing or dancing, you’ll have to dance to the music, because there’s no other way.

There are 2 ways of counting music: basic counting and practice. Counting is basically the way when you learn to jump exchanges, for not going into technical details.

Practice counts are often used when you learn to play, as it goes into technical details. For example, when you study Chachacha, you will hear the master count as follows:

Two Father Fathers One, and when you learn more details, the teacher will count Two and Three and Four and One, because you will Learn to make hips in the letters “and”, and just step up and down or left to right in the numbers Two Two Four.

the way the teacher guides

Foot jumping. When your mouth counts fine, you will realize that it is not hard to learn how to walk. If you are self-taught by video, you observe the way the teacher guides the steps in the video and follow it step by step, just watch back and practice again, and then you can dance.

If you are able to come to the classroom, it’s easier to learn dance. I often tell many dance classmates that “learning is a semester, but learning to dance is not a semester”, so you need patience and determination.

Even for those who are just learning with the teacher, watching videos and self-learning will be like reading and doing homework as you did in school. Practice, practice, and practice are good advice for those who learn and dance.


Foot jumping counters. After you have done the two things well, you will have to work the last one is counting feet dancing to the music, count the feet dance continuously, where is not clear stop and rehears until the pine , and when the mouth and feet dance together is OK.

Every day you take hard to spend about 30 minutes to practice each dance, find yourself where you are not good and correct yourself, soon you will dance well.

learned dancing

When I first learned dancing, many laughed at me, and soon few people laughed at me. I remember, on a night of international dance performance at the Hilton hotel near my house, I invited and choreographed Chachacha with a foreign woman after she finished the Latin Melodrama.

During the break, she asked me not to take the exam, I just needed some lessons, and an American dancer stood by me and told me, “He’s a good chachacha.”


On an Asian American dance show in Los Angeles years ago, I invited a Japanese dancer in the past to dance a Waltz, while dancing she told me, “The danceboy was different. many, “after many years did not see each other and do not dance together.

I’m 76 years old, but my legs are fine, dancing is OK, and I know a Japanese dancer over the age of 80 but he is no less dancers than his descendants. I hope you will learn and dance successfully.


Here is the mouth of the dance-dance practice, hopefully the article provides enough information about this dance. Wish you success!

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