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Dancesport- Khieu vu the thao

In order for mothers to better understand and guide their children to choose the right talent, the following Swan Lake Art Center would like to introduce the details of Dance sport. teaching at the center.

What is dance sport?

“Dance sport” is the new name of the dance competition. When it comes to “Dance sport” we need dance competitions, not dance like sports. Try to see dance as a sports star. Obviously, as with all sports, it is usually divided into two categories:

1- Mass sports for everyone to enjoy recreation and physical training, do not take the game as a referee, there is only fun, not to try high or low ranking. In the development of mass sports gradually will be the selection or self-identification of individuals capable to participate in high-achievement sports. With this dance is Social Dance (Dance)

High-Performing Sports

High-Performing Sports is a sport that has a tournament in a uniform format not in the country but on the world scale. The number of participants is often the nucleus of choice from the mass sports movement. Rankings are graded, ranging from small to large scale, nationally, regionally and internationally. For dance this is Dancesport.


As such, Dance Sport is a slightly different dance sport. It is sportier, stronger, faster and stronger. But beautiful couples are also full of art. At present, there are many people in Vietnam who are interested in sports dance; There are also clubs, and contests for participants in this subject. In general, dancing is a sport for physical exercise but also for beauty.

Great event

September 8, 1997 in the Dancesport world takes place a great event. On that day, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) announced that the International Dance Federation (IDSF) was officially recognized and became a full member of the IOC. The greatest achievements of the IDSF in particular and of the sport dance in general. It is at the same time the pinnacle of the long-lasting history of the sport’s dance of the 6 years of IDSF’s hard work, of the great support of the UN and of the hundreds of thousands of dancers around the world.

Dance sport has a long history of development, which in many respects is universal, entertaining, and also a form of sport. As we all know the dance was born in England from the late 18th – early 19th century, it is associated with the promises of the upper class. The 19th century – early 20th century it was popular in the upper classes.

Until the early 1920s the new dance competition began to develop. In 1924 the British Association of Dance New Dance Foundation set up the task of setting standards (music). In terms of the technique of performing for sports, gradually this new discipline spread throughout Europe, to Asia and America.

In the past, dance was considered a form of art, and today it is considered a form of artistic sport.

Sports and dance

Sports and dance as well as other sports, not separate life. Dancesport dancers usually have very tight schedules including rehearsals (hours and hours), exam schedules. Most of the classes are on a daily basis, including holidays and holidays. High results are never natural.

Sports dance is the most modern sport, most nuanced, most modern for modern man. When practicing this sport, people will be fully developed in physical strengths such as speed, strength, strength, endurance and flexibility. The workout will give the body a well-proportioned, fashionable and graceful appearance. Especially this sport also brings in it the charm of the soul.


Teens are the foundation, the foundation and the basis for the development of this sport. This is a very playful, playful, healthy and well-suited playground for the full development of the body.

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